The New England Vikings Motorcycle Club is a social / family oriented motorcycle club in the Taunton / Raynham, Massachusetts area. We are a charity club that raises money throughout the year to help support local charities and the local community.

Our Officers and Board Members

Everett Halpen

Vice President
Scott Mayo

Shelly Halpen

Barry Emond

Sergeant At Arms
Mark Lanzetta

Doug Smith

Road Captain
Chris Bailey

Asst. Road Captain
Dana Leonard

Asst. Referee
Dick Seibert

Mike Sousa

News Editor
Lisa Carpentier Amaral

Executive Board
Donna Harris

Executive Board (2-Yr.)
Elaine Emond

Executive Board
Sarah Sousa

Executive Board (Life)
Norm Johnson

Executive Board (2-Yr.)
Raquel Bailey

Executive Board
Paul Brennan

Executive Board (2-Yr.)
Zelia Brennan

Sharon Hirsch

Barry Devine

In loving memory of our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us

Mike Fernandes

Gilda Musgrove

Richard Oliviera

Brenda Almeida

Pat Dooley

Doris Steinhouse

Lady Di Chagnon

Ben Lewis

Leo LaForest

Paul Cobb

Leo Guzzie

John Harrington

John Smitty

John Moulton


Stephen ‘Bear’ Johnson

John Sheehy

Stanley Prezalar

Larry Doherty

Rev. Ed Taylor

Bill Rider

Bob Smith

Arthur Raposo

Linda McAloon